Welcome to EMEREX

We are a marble factory located in Pinoso, Alicante, a few kilometers from the quarries of Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante and Marrón Emperador among others.

We strive since 1994 for our marbles to satisfy customers from five continents with our marbles.

We have the equipment and the precise machinery to manufacture a wide range of marble products. We produce standardized products in formats and thicknesses, but we also have the tools to manufacture the marble product you dream of.

We are ready to supply large projects and small orders.

In Marmoles Emerex SL we care about the environment and therefore we are equipped with the most modern facilities for recycling the water we use, and the reuse of by-products, making marble probably the most ecological construction material that exists.

In 2001, Stone Mall, Inc., our subsidiary in the USA, was born with the purpose of giving a better service to the North American market.